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There are many reasons why someone might take on a challenge like this. A thirst for an obstacle, proving a point to themselves, achieving something to be proud of or maybe just to have something to talk about at a dreadful party. It doesn't have to be one reason, for me it was a cocktail of all of the above. 

18,000 miles of cycling through every kind of weather and environment, countless hours sitting on terrible saddle sores and lower points than you've ever been to - sounds like absolutely no fun at all, right? When you force yourself into those low points and emerge out of them through willpower you've grown stronger. The challenge is emotional as much as it is physical. Whilst you may come back with thighs double the size, you'll come back with a mind twice as strong as the one you left with. I have felt this, particularly after an accident where I had to go back to an infantile style of reliance upon other people to keep me alive. 

It was a challenge that shaped me, told me who I really am and showed me that whatever the challenge is I am capable to overcoming it. It took a while but after 23 years of life I finally realised that it's just about taking that leap of faith. 

What next?

The chance to achieve this dream was taken away from me, the only way forward in terms of cycling is for me to complete the challenge. Many people have asked me if I'll finish the trip off or if I'm done with cycling now. 

After an accident like that I think you go one of two ways - 'I never want to look at a bicycle again' or 'There is no way that truck is stopping me from achieving this'. For me, it is the latter. I know I can do it, I proved that to myself last time. 

In the meantime, I will be recovering and training, getting my body back to the state it was in on the day before the accident. I also look forward to telling the story in more detail, schools business and social groups are all welcome to get in touch if you'd like to hear the story all the way from the concoction of the idea to the bed-binding injuries that brought the journey to an end. There is a lot of work to do.  

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